Brian Richmond, PhD, is an award-winning data scientist with expertise in statistics, experimental design, machine learning, analytics, and data visualization. Brian is Chief Data Officer at Aura Health, where he works closely with CEO and CPO on product strategy and user experience, and oversees AI, machine learning, and algorithm design, testing, and production. Before joining Aura Health in 2018, Brian was a senior data scientist at WeWork, where he founded the People Analytics team and was awarded a ‘2018 Excellence Award’ for his major contributions after only 8 months.

He has extensive experience building and managing research teams as a professor and Chair of Anthropology at the George Washington University and as a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institution, among others. Awards and recognition for his research include a 2014 Humboldt Award for Research Excellence. His full list of academic publications can be found on GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, and AcademiaEdu, and his television appearances can be found on IMDb.

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